Trip Duration   4 days
Trip Type   Mountaineering expedition
Grading   Intermediate level mountaineering
Starting point of expedition   Pumapampa
Finishing point of expedition   Pumapampa
Highest point   Mururaju 5688m
Distance   Approx 40km

Mount Mururaju is located in the southern section of the Huascaran National Park, some 65km southeast of Huaraz, in the rarely visited Raria Valley. On the way to base camp, there is the opportunity to see the Puya Raimondi, an extraordinary “bromeliad” plant that can reach up to 12m in height and only grows in a few isolated valleys of the Andes. The wild Raria Valley is a mineral landscape made up of beautiful contrasting oranges, greens and greys, and dominated by the little-known and seldom climbed Mount Mururaju. Herds of vicuñas and Andean deers can be seen grazing within close proximity of the base camp.
It might not be well-known, but Mururaju offers from its summit one of the most impressive panoramas in the Cordillera Blanca. The climber is rewarded with 360º views of the surrounding mountain ranges, including the stunning icy peaks of the Cordillera Huayhuash distinctly visible to the south, the rocky Cordillera Huallanca to the east, the arid and brown Cordillera Negra to the west, and the superb perennially ice-capped summits of the Cordillera Blanca stretching away to the north.
This unique expedition gives the climber an exhilarating sense of adventure, while experiencing and encountering some of the region’s most fascinating and varied attributes in complete peace and serenity.

  DAY 1 Drive to Pumapampa (4100m), via Catac. Trek to Mururaju Base Camp (4550m)
Approx 3 hours driving, 6 hours trekking

DAY 2 Trek to Moraine Camp (4750m)
Approx 4 hours trekking

DAY 3 Trek to Mururaju glacier (5000m). Ascend to Mururaju Summit (5688m), south face. Descend to Mururaju Base Camp (4550m)
Approx 1 hour trekking to glacier, 6 hours climbing to summit, 4 hours climbing down, 3 hours trekking to base camp

DAY 4 Trek to Pumapampa (4100m). Drive back to Huaraz, via Catac
Approx 5 hours trekking, 3 hours driving